Class Projects - Fall 2011


Simple to use system for aggregating news and information about local elections.

What it does

MetroVote is an easy to configure system that automatically aggregates news and social media information about candidates and elections, with particular emphasis on local elections, and presents this information to readers in a single, concise format.

MetroVote uses the Bing News, Facebook and Twitter APIs to build profiles of candidates and to track news and other information about those candidates over time. The system is easily configured simply by providing the location of the election, the title of the elected position, and the names of the candidates and links to their election web sites. Editors can customize static information, such as candidate biographies, photos, and contact information. After that, the system automatically provides readers with access to the latest news about the election and the candidates, as well as social media content from them.


Initial Concept: Larry Birnbaum
Student Team: Hilary Fung, Dan Hill, Cary Lee, Adam Thompson-Harvey
Faculty Guidance: Larry Birnbaum, Jeremy Gilbert, and Kris Hammond (with assistance from Shawn O’Banion)