Class Projects - Fall 2013


NewsTube helps journalists and news consumers find recent, relevant newsworthy videos on YouTube.

A proof of concept technology that helps journalists and news consumers find recent, relevant newsworthy videos on YouTube.
What it does

NewsTube helps users find news videos more quickly and easily. Currently, finding newsworthy videos on YouTube is difficult for new producers and consumers. A simple search on a news story doesn’t necessarily return relevant, recent, and credible results. NewsTube attempts to improve YouTube search by presenting the user with the most recent and relevant videos and by organizing results by the video’s creator and social buzz. Currently NewsTube organizes search results in to buckets by creator (international news organizations, local television stations, documentarians, and advocacy groups) and those videos that have been shared frequently on Twitter.

How it works
NewsTube uses the YouTube API and a proprietary database of international, local and advocacy YouTube channels to find and categorize videos. The system uses the user’s search terms and the list of channels to query the YouTube API, which returns a selection of relevant videos organized by creator. The NewsTube database doesn’t include a list of documentarians, so to return those results the system appends “documentary” to the search query. The Twitter category queries the Twitter API for the most recent tweets containing links to YouTube videos and returns those results to the YouTube API.
Next Steps
  • The NewsTube database of channels is hand-curated. Future development should focus on automating this process through web crawlers, crowdsourcing, or keyword analysis.

NewsTube architecture.

NewsTube screenshot.


Student Team: Antonia Cereijido, Tom Chen, Jessica Gaddis, Eric Jizba 

Faculty Guidance: Larry Birnbaum, Rich Gordon