Class Projects - Spring 2012


A WordPress technology that allows flexible news layouts without coding.

What it does

PrintF is a WordPress technology that makes flexible news layouts simple, regardless of content type (video, text, photos, etc.), and without the need for any coding or professional web development.

PrintF is implemented as a WordPress “child theme” that is delivered as a plugin. (A child theme is a WordPress theme that inherits the properties of a “parent” theme but allows changes to the layout without permanently changing the parent.)

PrintF creates a variety of layouts based on the level of importance an editor or publisher indicates for each news story being presented. Pre-set taxonomies permit site editors to categorize each post as a breaking story, top story, featured story, regular story, or story not displayed on the homepage. The story is then place appropriately on the page, providing a level of layout and organization beyond the simple and all-too-prevalent reverse chronological ordering that is standard.


Initial Concept: Jeremy Gilbert and Rich Gordon

Student Team: Audrey Ross (computer science), Yee Wai (computer science), Lorena Villa Parkman (journalism)

Faculty Guidance: Larry Birnbaum, Rich Gordon, and Jeremy Gilbert