Class Projects - Spring 2013


SportsTweet helps sports fans track trending NBA topics on Twitter and displays them via graphs, charts and other visualizations.

What it does

Twitter's role in professional sports is continuously evolving — major broadcasters air fans’ tweets live, athletes use the service to interact with fans, and fans use it to interact with one another. SportsTweet is a data tool that summarizes the most popular topics related to the NBA. The service helps uses discover new conversations about the NBA and uses charts, graphs, and pictures to give users a rich media experience.

How it works

SportsTweet uses data exclusively from the Twitter Streaming API. It grabs tweets containing “NBA” and simultaneously saves them to a database. In the background a script runs intermittently to create lists of the most mentioned teams and players. The system uses Faye to push tweets from the database out to SportsTweet visitors. 

Next Steps
  • Incorporate additional sports. 
  • Improve visualizations 


More about how SportsTweet was built

Code repository

Initial Concept: Talia Retelny, Larry Birnbaum, and Rich Gordon

Student Team: Donald Leonard (journalism), Sheng Wu (computer science), Richard Chang (computer science)

Faculty Guidance: Larry Birnbaum, Rich Gordon, and Kris Hammond (with assistance from Shawn O’Banion)