Class Projects - Fall 2011


Creates a back-and-forth dialog between political candidates from their Twitter posts.

What it does

Tweet/CounterTweet (or Twitter Debate) identifies tweets from presidential candidates on specific issues (debt, energy, education, etc.) and then displays those tweets in opposing fashion, giving voters a snapshot of candidates’ contrasting views on an issue.

The system allows users to pick two presidential candidates and a topic for debate. The technology then aggregates tweets from both official and unofficial candidate accounts and creates a thematic back-and-forth on the topic that illuminates the candidates’ contrasting views.

The technology uses a set of keywords and stop terms to filter tweets into topical categories, and a scoring system to present the most relevant tweets for a particular topic.


Initial Concept: Larry Birnbaum

Student Team: Bala Bagul, Chris Blair, Patrick McAuliffe, Janie Janeczko, Michael Madaus, and Ji Eun Kwan (additional student developer

Faculty Guidance: Larry Birnbaum and Jeremy Gilbert (with assistance from Shawn O’Banion)