Class Projects - Spring 2012

Twitter Events

A system for automatically curating content for live music events.

What it does

Twitter Events automatically curates social media content generated by people who attend concerts and music festivals. The goal is to find the content that best represents what happened at the event and present it in a well-structured format.

The system captures a variety of information about a concert online and automatically curates it into an organized, audio-visual summary of the concert experience presented in a single web page, including:

  1. Basic information such as the artist, date, and the location on a map.
  2. A filtered, curated, and organized set of tweets about the concert.
  3. A stream of picture content from Instagram, taken at the concert.
  4. The setlist played at the concert, as well as the ability for playback on the page.


Initial Concept: Larry Birnbaum

Student Team: Mike Greenberg (computer science), Rian Ervin (journalism), Jon Friedman (computer science), Pei-Yi Kuo (Ph.D. candidate, technology and social behavior) 

Faculty Guidance: Larry Birnbaum, Rich Gordon, and Kris Hammond (with assistance from Shawn O’Banion)