Class Projects - Spring 2014


A redesigned front page for Wikipedia based on the news of the day.

WikiNow is a proof-of-concept that that offers news and WikiPedia junkies alike a redesigned front page for Wikipedia based on the news of the day.
What it does

WikiNow is a website that combines the most newsworthy Wikipedia articles with select news stories to serve both Wikipedia and news junkies. The site automatically builds a front page that includes the top Wikipedia uptrends of the day and along with one or two related news articles to add context to the events. The site also features a sidebar for downtrends and most visited pages of the week. Compared to a typical Wikipedia page, the visual experience is enhanced with better images from Google, external news links, and a category for each article. The site helps people not only get an in-depth look at news, but also to discover trends (both up and down) on the internet that day.

Next Steps
  • Add more content to each of the rising lists, provide more meaningful categorization, and add a people dimension to the page.
  • Right now we are limited to only showing 10 articles for each list, but in the future we would like to be able to pull many more articles and even use our own sorting algorithm to have more control and know the meaning of the lists we are displaying.
  • Improve the categorization aspect to group the articles into more newspaper like sections.
  • Incorporate the community aspect of Wikipedia into the site. Wikipedia is made possible by the many contributors to the site and WikiNow would like to recognize those contributions.


Student team: Brittany Lee, Yuchao Zhou, Rebecca Lai

Faculty guidance: Larry Birnbaum and Rich Gordon